Monday, February 28, 2011

My week in bullet points: February 21-27, 2011

Ugh, I'm a day late with this! But hey, whatever, at least I remembered that I forgot to do something yesterday. So here's a recap of my busy busy week, just in case you missed it:

  • Tuesday was Lady Porn Day! I spent Monday and Tuesday at LPD HQ, manning the Twitter conversation. Keeping up with the hashtag was stressful, but the experience was amazing. We received such tremendously positive feedback, stimulated some awesome twitter conversations about women and porn, received some awesome press coverage, and made amazing connections with the courageous women who were willing to discuss something as personal as a relationship with porn. YEAH, LADIES!
  • My blog got a lot of hits this week, thanks to Lady Porn Day! If you haven't already, you can read my personal story of self-exploration through porn here.
  • In a display of perfect cosmic timing, my piece on sex-positivity was published on Eden Cafe the day after Lady Porn Day. Check it out here!
  • My Forensics life has officially gone into overdrive. I competed at a competitive 4-year tournament this weekend and managed to place 5th in Communication Analysis! I was quite pleased with myself. So pleased, in fact, that I actually sauntered out of a round. I blame listening to "Born This Way" on repeat before leaving for the tournament.
I've got a big State Forensics tournament coming up this week, so most of my time will be spent preparing for that. I still hope to have another post up before I leave Friday morning, but if I don't, I like to think that I have a pretty good excuse. :-)
Proud to be holding a MAFL prize.

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