Sunday, February 13, 2011

My week in bullet points: February 7-13, 2011

Last night Justin and I had some truly horrific pillow talk while watching Empire Strikes Back. It went something like this:

Justin: I don't want to watch this.

Kait: Whatever, you're exhausted, you'll be asleep before Luke makes it to Dagobah. I, however, will be wide awake.

J: This isn't even my favorite movie. I'm a Return guy.

K: Ex-squeeze me? Baking powder? This is a joke right? Because this is clearly the better movie.

J: Nope. Ewoks are awesome and Boba Fett eats it in the most pathetic way--


J: Meh. Yeah. No big.

K: Do I need to show you my Boba Fett undies?

J: YAWN. Ice planets and swamp planets? This movie blows. Nighty night.

K: ...crickets...crickets...

OKAY OKAY, so it didn't really happen like that. He now claims that he was just trying to get a rise out of me (you know, because he finds my neurotic rants entertaining), but I still say that we shouldn't joke about that topic. Preferring Return of the Jedi to Empire is a dealbreaker. There are some major philosophical differences in that debate, i'mjustsayin. I was shaken to my very core.

Oh, right, my week bullet points. Here's a recap of my totally eventful week, just in case you missed it.

  • I was still sick. Like, quarantine sick until Thursday. I watched a lot of TV and scribbled a lot of crazy nonsense that I'm still trying to sort out.
  • Launched into major overdrive in assisting Rachel of Rabbit Write with her next big project. Y'all should keep your eyes peeled on February 22. Let's just say that my browsing history is now clogged with a whole lot of smut (yay!).
  • Had a mini-meltdown over the weekend as personal problems grew to a massive head. I quietly chose to handle it by being anywhere but my own home for the entire weekend. Justin was great, keeping me (relatively) calm with homemade meals, Sara Lee cheesecake, Gilmore Girls, and hugs. I am now back at home and planning to tackle this coming week one day at a time.
I've got a busy week ahead of me. It will be stressful and overwhelming with work, school, and Forensics, but it will also be nice as I will be going into the Chicago to work on blogging things with my darling cousin. Wish me luck!

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  1. We've all had the bug in the kingdom too.. The girls are all sick,, their kids are all sick.. and the Queen, well, she' been hacking up a lung for two weeks.. hang in there..