Wednesday, February 16, 2011

30 Things To Do Before I Turn 30-- #10

It was a sudden impulse. It is very rare that I am possessed by these impulses, these sudden urges to try something new. Because these instances are few and far between, I have learned that they must never be ignored and must always be embraced to the fullest...especially when there are bucket lists involved.

It seemed like a typical Tuesday morning. I was simply driving to work. However, instead of following my normal route and turning right, I made the sudden decision to turn left. What was to the left, you ask? An alternate route, of course. A route that would get me to work in eleven minutes flat. A route that consisted mainly of driving on a major expressway.

I've always been wary of expressway driving. So many lanes, such high speeds; the thought of such an environment made me tremendously nervous. I was convinced that I would never be able to keep it together on an expressway, that I would never be able to stay in control of the moment.

Maybe it was the power of feeling super cute. Maybe it was the power of Neko Case crooning to me, "This tornado loves you, this tornado loves you." Whatever it was, it made me feel powerful. The expressway route was merely an extension lane, I wouldn't be required to do anything bold, like merging, so I just did it. I cackled and let out the perfect Romy and Michele, "WOOHOOOO!" as I veered onto the on-ramp. I was totally jazzed, doing a little dance in the driver's seat...

...And then I was there. Cruising down I-290 at a cool 70 mph. I had seen this road from a passenger's seat view a thousand times. I guess I expected it to look different somehow. Scarier, more intimidating. I knew I had graduated from a timid, mousy driver to a full-fledged woman of the road when I casually (but carefully) exited my lane and passed the rusty old jalopy going juuuuuust 55. Later, loser. I've got places to be. Fabulous places, exciting places.

Oh, the places I will go...with my newfound power. ;-)


  1. Haha, well congratulations! Sounds like a major feat for you!