Sunday, January 2, 2011

My week in bullet points: December 27, 2010-January 2, 2011

Happy 2011, friends! I had a pretty lazy week, I'm not gonna lie. The week between Christmas and New Year's is so rough, so I just gave into it and vegged out (but this coming week will be different I SWEAR). So here's a recap of my week, in case you missed it.
  • I finished my Reverb10 participation. Doing that stuff made New Year's Eve a little strange for me. I had already evaluated the past year and looked forward to the next about two weeks ago, so there were not last-minute revelations. Still, it was a thought-provoking experience: Ordinary Joy, Gift
  • Thanks to my DVR recording both Orphan and Up In The Air, I had a serious fantasy love affair with Vera Farmiga.
  • Started working at my mom's office. I am Data Entry Girl. I hope to be promoted to Data Entry Baroness and shooting straight up to the top: Data Entry Empress Of The Universe.
  • Had a very relaxed New Year's Eve with a small group of friends. Good conversation, good times.
Finally, I'm introducing a new feature of the weekly recap for the new year. I'm doing one of these 365 photo projects where I take a picture every day to chronicle a year in my life. This year, each weekly recap will include a photo of the week. Enjoy. :-)
January 1
Weetzie Dog won't let us take down the Christmas tree

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  1. Hi Kait! Thanks for your comment! Yes, we must encourage each other to writewritewrite - feel free to give me a big Tweety nudge if I go silent!

    I've really enjoyed reading all your reverb10 posts, though it's made me rather annoyed with myself for not joining in. I wonder if there are any more blogging projects coming up in the near future?

    And that doggy pic is just wonderful :)