Monday, January 3, 2011

Boycott American Women? Huh.

Last week, I stumbled across a Jezebel article entitled, "Idiot Starts Boycott of American Women." I was obviously intrigued, so I eagerly clicked on the link. APPARENTLY, there is a blog where men come together to discuss, basically, why American women are undateable and would make really shitty wives (my words, for the record). Taking their disdain for American women a step further from verbal slander, these guys are boycotting American women. Now, I wasn't entirely clear if this is a boycott on dating American women or of their existence as a whole (no American female servers, medical professionals, customer service representatives, or sex workers for THESE guys!), but the concept seemed still...a little off. Still thinking about it and talking about it in the new year, I obviously had to check out the source material.

I want to start my reaction to this blog by saying that my tone here is not "angry feminist." That would just be too expected. My initial reaction would better be described as "baffled/amused/curious about these guys' lives." I'm not going to judge these guys for their opinions; every human is entitled to their opinions and it is not my place to tell these men that they are wrong. However, that won't stop me from judging their methods. As of today, this is the most recent post:

I say don't get married period. But if you must be a hardhead, I believe outsourcing is the best idea. Foreign women are comfortable in their femininity. As a male I am attracted to this. I believe that American women have priced themselves out of the marketplace. Too needy, too many headgames, too easy to divorce. Not many foreign men want American wives either. Plus nowadays you hear American women using terms like "starter husbands". Don't do it guys. What a crude women American girls are. American men are considered the best husbands in the world. They sure put up with more than most men in other countries do. That's why women from around the world try so hard to marry an American man. American women become very bitter divorcees.
Right off the bat, I can see that these won't be the strongest of arguments. Atrocious grammar aside, this person is pulling claims out of nowhere, lumping all American women together. Yes, there are some American women who have some "different" ideas about marriage, but that doesn't mean that we ALL want starter husbands.

i've never met any women other than american women, but i will say they (American women) are a huge pain in the ass and i couldn't imagine women from any other country being any worse than american women.

Anyway, you dumb American women can bitch and whine all you want. The facts are that over 50 percent of American women are single. The facts speak for themselves- NO ONE WANTS YOU!
First, this individual admits to only having met American women, so he really has nothing to compare them to...and yet still feels he has an argument. Secondly, if you're going to try and convince me of something with "facts," show me where you got that information. Citing sources establishes credibility. When you have credibility, your audience will listen. Don't believe me? Find any Communicate! textbook by Rudoph F. Verderber.

Scrolling through the blog, I found posts from different that shared some basic sentiments:
  • American women hate American men and should therefore admit to being lesbian whores.
  • Half of American women are single and polls show that American women are the least desirable women in the world. (The posts provide no source citations.)
  • American women are selfish creatures who want nothing more than to date/marry you so that they can hurt you.
To me, this blog is sending two messages. The intended message is that American women are unfit to be mates for American men. However, I sense a latent message from these men. I get the sense that every man who posts to this site has been hurt deeply by someone in their past. It is possible that these men have been hurt repeatedly by women. Not knowing how to deal with this hurt, rejection, and emasculation, the men of Boycott American Women generalized their feeling to all American women. It is this possibility of hurt that prevents me from being angry with these men. Yes, there are some items on the blog that make me want to scream, "Maybe it didn't work out because you can't communicate with American women, not because all American women are evil succubi!" but I still feel sad for these men. They're not "idiots," just men reeling from a personal trauma. Everyone deserves the chance to be accepted by a loving partner, but everyone has to work towards bettering themselves in preparation of that partner.

So, American Men Against American Women, here is my advice to you: Have an open mind. As an American woman, I was offended by your wild generalizations, but I allowed myself to think about what caused you to think this way. By keeping an open mind, I remember that you have experienced loss in love the same way that I have. By swearing off American women, you're closing yourself off from so many opportunities. Having a closed mind and maintaining your views as they are will only drive women away. You may think that an American woman isn't what you want, but go outside into the world and I guarantee that you will find at least one man who finds American women (with their freedoms and ideas) to be a treasure.

(And seriously, guys, bone up on your oral and written communication skills. Shitty grammar and unsupported views are turn-offs that can be remedied.)


  1. Yea, there are a FAR GREATER number of foreign men who dislike American women than like them.

    -Reference: Personal experience

    But anyway, it's a nice little dreamworld that you are living in, dear. Keep on telling yourself "I am great, I am great, everyone loves me", while the rest of the world laughs at you.

  2. I have lived in and visited many countries in the world.

    I will not touch a western woman!
    I can cook really good stuff - I am completely self-contained. I keep myself and my place clean - little effort.

    We just don't need you western women anymore.

    Goodbye princess.

  3. Hmmm. Well, I'm Canadian, and I've shagged quite a few of women, both Canadian, American, foreign. I've been in 3 long term committed relationships. I have to say, there is a brutal, spoiled princess-like entitlement to North American women. Sorry, but having dated into double digits, I'd say go foreign. North American women act too much like men.

  4. Your first problem Kate is that you are an American women, so you don't get the problem.
    American women are to "butch", they are self centered, narcissistic.
    And problem 2 is, you are a FEMINIST, you are the enemy and you and your kind never admit fault.

  5. David in the USA:

    I've always been a family oriented person and having a successful marriage has been one of my paramount goals in life. I have seen the parents of many of my friends divorce and I have vowed to do everything in my power to avoid that fate.
    Although women initiate divorce approximately twice as often as men, thanks to no fault divorce, (x there are in fact many things that men can do to reduce their risk of divorce. These can be found through doing a simple search on Google.

    However, there are other less publicized ways a man can reduce his risk for divorce.

    Based upon data provided by the US Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) and US Census Bureau, international marriages have a lower divorce rate than the national average. From all the data that is available, fully 80 percent of these marriages have lasted over the years which reports are available.

    Women who have more non-marital sexual partners are less likely to have stable marriages. Women who marry with zero non-marital sexual partners are 80% likely to have a successful marriage. As soon as a woman has had one non-marital sexual partner her chances of having a successful marriage drop down to just under 54%. A woman who has had two or more non-marital sexual partners is more likely to divorce than stay married.

    I realized that upon finding this information if I were to marry a foreign woman who was a virgin my chances of avoiding divorce would undoubtedly be very high. In my state, the chances of divorce for first time marriages is about 50% and I cannot afford to undergo a divorce. After marriage, I could not ever bear the thought of, most importantly, being separated from our children, but also losing half of my wealth, my house, my retirement account as well as being forced to pay alimony and child support.

    I will be graduating from medical school within a couple of years. This means that most likely I will be making more than my future spouse. In the event of a divorce the courts will undoubtedly award my ex-wife custody and award her alimony in accordance to the life in which she had become accustomed to. As a successful man, I just cannot risk it.

    Fortunately, for men who are ambitious such as I, we have the world as our oyster. We are not limited to fishing in just one pond. I am bilingual (English / Japanese) and have traveled to a few countries outside of the United States. I plan on proposing to my virgin Japanese girlfriend after I graduate. There's no 100% guarantee our marriage will not end in divorce, but it's sufficiently low for me to take the risk.

    It would have been much easier to have fallen in love with and to have married a local American gal, but it's just too risky. In some sense, I feel sorry for the American gal who would have married me, were it not for her divorce-happy sisters who ruined her chances.

  6. "The job of wife has been outsourced to foreign countries." All the numbers are there. (easy to Google)

    American women do not get it, and won't EVER get it. They have no clue how feminism has betrayed them. That is, until they are 39 and childless, with a vision of "bag-lady living under a bridge with asundry cats" shivers down their vertebral column.

    Bed. Made. Lie. Buh-bye, Kupcakes.

  7. I think my earlier comment got deleted. Feminism at it's best: denying free speech by removing access to information.


  8. Wow, one guy writes on his blog that he doesn't care for American women and you go and write a 3 page essay.

    If that isn't evidence that North American women are narcissists to the core I don't know what is.

  9. Amercian women can fend for themselves! I get asked out every now and then by Amercian women and I turn them ALL down. I LOVE my simple and peaceful life and I refuse to let any of you American women screw it up!

  10. They were talking about the Boycott American Women blog on the radio this morning.

    Here's the link to the radio show (scroll down to "Boycott American Women" and click LISTEN.

  11. Well, what most American women would define as "self-betterment" is being continuously hilarious 100% of the time, absolutely self-sacrificial to the point of self-destruction, going out of your way to please the American woman even as she does absolutely nothing to please the man, and whines, bitches and acts in a totally self-absorbed manner 100% of the time, having a 12 inch dick, having 20 million dollars, and being willing to be dumped at any moment if you fail to anticipate their desires for even an instant. This, to many American women, is the only type of man they would consider a "good catch", and only so long as he stays exactly as described, able to somehow anticipate and fulfill American womens' impossible, often contradictory desires at every moment.

    Yes, most American women ARE exactly as these men have described; in fact, they are probably even worse. And I've met thousands of women from other countries, and yes, they are much more courteous and considerate than their American counterparts, though this is sadly changing with the spread of American culture. But there are still plenty of polite, loving women from Asia, South America, Central America, Europe, basically every place where the primarily language isn't English. Just go meet some Korean, Russian, Brazilian or German women, and you'll be surprised how much more compassionate and considerate they really are.

    The real problem with most American women is that they have decided to be narcissists - to value other human beings, and indeed everything outside themselves, only as much as they can provide instantaneous gratification. The minute they fail to do this, American women usually throw their men away like garbage and go searching for a "shinier, sexier new pair of shoes", to describe this in metaphorical terms. American women do not see men as people who deserve respect, love and consideration; they believe only they individually deserve those things. In fact, American women don't even view men as people at all, but disposable commodities whose only justification for existence is the immediate fulfillment of their (American womens') own personal, selfish (often perverse) desires.

    50% of American women are single, and expect this number to keep rising as American women indulge their narcissism, selfishness and (often) downright psychopathic attitudes to a greater and greater degree. Eventually, and probably for the best, America itself will disappear as American women alienate men to such a degree that almost nobody will want anything to do with them, outside of the worlds of business and prostitution.