Sunday, December 26, 2010

My week in bullet points: December 20-26, 2010

Merry Belated Christmas, y'all! Holiday activities have affected my blogabilities, but I still lived this week, so here's a recap of my week, just in case you missed it.
  • Being busy with last-minute shopping and Christmas activities interrupted my participation in Reverb 10, but here are the posts I did complete: Beyond Avoidance, Future Self
  • Justin and I drove back home from So-Ill/Kentucky. The drive got kind of terrible around Champaign thanks to awful snow and awful drivers, but we made it better by stopping at one of the adult superstores advertised on the side of I-57. The place looked like it would be a dump and totally creepy but IT WAS NOT, I SWEAR. This place had some high-quality products and the employees were tremendously helpful and professional. I was thisclose to venturing into a video booth, but I lost my nerve. I would recommend this place to travellers if I knew where the hell it was.
  • I missed this week's lunar eclipse because of two factors: 1. the intense fog that hung over the Chicago area that night and 2. my tendency to fall into a coma-like slumber after popping a few sleeping pills. (Don't worry, guys, I have a legit prescription for legit insomnia. My pill popping is doctor recommended.)
  • Went to the mall three days before Christmas. I don't understand the point of bringing a child under the age of TWO to see Santa at the mall. The babies are crying and overtired, the moms are frustrated and crabby, and the mall Santas have to hold some stranger's creaming baby. NO ONE WINS IN THIS SITUATION. Except for me, as it makes an awesome people-watching opportunity.
  • I baked chocolate oatmeal candies AND I DID NOT SCREW THEM UP. They are now all gone.
  • Christmas Christmas Christmas. Spent Christmas Eve with Justin's Greek family and I ate until I thought I was going to die. Christmas day with my family and today an extra gathering to spend time with my dad. I also got a surprise visit from my best friend (more on that tomorrow!)
  • Finally, I learned that blogging is apparently a great way to tell your family members what you want for Christmas. My dad saw the post where I mentioned that a friend sent me a link to a Boba Fett tank top/underwear set and he totally got it for me. The internet rules.

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