Monday, September 27, 2010

Random Things That Tickle Me-- Baby Pigs

Have y'all seen the Geico commercial with the pig who goes WHEE WHEE all the way home?  Shit, I just started a post with a question.  ANYWAY.  It sounds kind of silly (as, let's face it, most commercials are), but it is actually quite delightful.

I seriously giggle every time I see this commercial.  I sort of love baby pigs.  They're so pink and sweet and I think that the teeny little oinks they make are ADORABLE (which explains why i own a bulldog).  I would love to keep a pig as a pet.  Put it in little outfits, take it for walks around my neighborhood, tickle it's belly.  I am squealing on the inside just thinking about it.  I mean, come on, who didn't come away from a viewing of Babe thinking baby pigs were precious?

Try to tell me that this is not precious.  I dare you.

The Geico commercial is especially delightful to me because not only do we have a baby pig but we have a baby pig hanging out a car window, SQUEALING.  HOLDING PINWHEELS.  AND SMILING!


Look at that happy piggy.  Even if you don't have a thing for baby pigs, this is delightful.  This pig is experiencing pure JOY from a simple car ride home.  His squeals are heartwarming, his delight reminiscent of simple childhood pleasures.  When is the last time any of us just hung out to feel the wind on our faces (while sober)?  When is the last time we let inhibitions go and let out a squeal of delight?  Hell, when is the last time any of us held a pinwheel?  Maybe we should look at the Geico piggy as a reminder to slow down once in a while and enjoy life's simple, innocent pleasures.

Also, the Geico piggy should serve as reminder that someone needs to get me a baby pig for m birthday.  CAN'T YOU JUST PICTURE ME GIVING THE PIGGY A BOTTLE OF MILK?

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