Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No Makeup Week-- Day Three

More big news for No Makeup Week!  Rabbit was interviewed by The Huffington Post’s Chicago division!  SO.INSANELY.EXCITING.

I was feeling sooooo SASSY today.  My hair was doing all the right things, I got a great night’s sleep, I knew I was seeing my boyfriend; the stars were aligned for a good day.  MAKEUP BE DAMNED!

But little did I know that temptation was lurking just around the corner…

Living makeup-free has been difficult, obviously.  Not just psychologically and socially, but my daily routine is now completely whackadoo.  I have to remind myself, “No, Kait, no makeup!”  With my makeup routine so ingrained in me, it only seemed natural that I would be tempted to fall back into my usual patterns.

It was a bottle of face powder.  Sitting on the corner of the bathroom counter, staring at me, BEGGING to be used.

“Hey, Red.  Yeah, you.  You know you wanna use me.  Come oooon, just a little bit.  Pick me up, that’s it.  Just a little bit of powder, you’ll have a glow!  And look at my name: ‘Bare Naturale.’  No one will even know I’m there!”

The argument was both convincing and seductive.  The powder is light and it does create a fresh, porcelain glow.  And I don’t really look that different with just the powder…what’s the harm?

Flirting with danger...

The harm is that I would be admitting that makeup has power over me.  I cannot learn to love my bare face if it only appears bare.  By cheating No Makeup Week, I would only be cheating myself.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve held the belief that makeup is what gets a girl noticed.  Makeup makes you pretty and a pretty face stands out in a crowd.  After feeling invisible for most of my life, I turn to makeup to make sure that I am seen.  I am most comfortable with a full face of makeup because I know that someone must be looking, admiring.  With no makeup, I am convinced that I would just disappear into the crowd.  That thought terrifies me.  To be honest, I spent Monday and Tuesday under the assumption that I was going through life unnoticed.

Until today, when something totally awesome happened.  I was walking to class in my natural-faced glory and I totally caught a guy checking me out.  Like, hardcore.  Full up-and-down, long eye contact, the “How you doin” head nod.  It was such a nice surprise to me.  WHO KNEW that I could be noticed without makeup?  Does this mean that guys are being honest when they say that makeup doesn’t matter to them?  I felt so empowered, so confident in a completely natural way.  I wasn’t hiding today.  I was me; totally exposed and comfortable with it.

Stay tuned, kids.  Tomorrow, I attempt to figure out what guys think about makeup!  Will I solve the mystery of the male mind?  HELL NO.  But it should be interesting.  J


  1. Ohhh I have that exact same mineral makeup stuff. So hard to not use it while it stares me in the face. I love your blog name by the way, made my night. ^-^

  2. I love knowing that this reference is understood by other people. :-)

  3. I have always said that I prefer a girl without makeup simply because she isnt hiding anything and to me that shows courage and i find that attractive. Congrats on stepping out of your comfort zone and dont give up! Im glad you had a guy eye fuck you today, little did he know that he was actually doing you a favor :) Btw, you look cute with no makeup.

  4. I use make up to hide. for me I feel there are a large number of faults that can be corrected to allow me to keep up with the crowd, not stand out in it. I'm old school like that. Low self esteem regarding appearance seemed to be de riguer for my generation (slacker-grunge though.

    As far as men are concerned, I tend to find they don't even notice. They may notice any confidence boost it gives you but as for the make up itself, unless it's really out there, I don't think they notice at all.

    On the few occasions I've been at the lipstick counter with my husband, he's picked out the most garish (amost sexually explict)red for me.(same with underwear) It's more a comment on one view than men in general but it says a lot. intersetingly he claims to prefer me not to wear make up