Saturday, September 25, 2010

No Makeup Week-- Weekend Adventures

A little behind on posting, but whatever, I’ve been having adventures.  Adventures without makeup, y’all!

Okay, so between the end of Day Four and Day Five, I had done two things sans makeup that I would typically never ever do, even if you gave me a large sum of money and a baby pig: 1) I went to a bar without makeup and 2) this suburban girl went to Chicago with no makeup.  This is huge stuff for me.

Going to a bar

Going to school without makeup is one thing, but going to a place where your main focus is socializing?  SURELY YOU MUST BE JOKING.  Buuuuut I did it.  Not only did I go out to a bar without makeup, but I was complimented on how I look without makeup.  It was such a confidence booster!  Perhaps in the future, I won’t be so concerned about using makeup to be the alpha female in the room; I can be the alpha female all on my own. (Insert sassy finger snapping.  Maybe a neck swivel.)

Going to Chicago

I am such a self-conscious suburbanite.  I have this ridiculous fear that I’m not cool enough to be there, so I have to create the illusion that I belong there with fashion and makeup.  I always have this fear that I will stick like a really lame thumb.  But here’s the thing: THAT DOESN’T MATTER.  I mean, really, what are the odds that the people on the sidewalk or the other passengers on the Blue Line are actually going to stop, look at me, and say, “That girl SO does not belong here”?  PFS (translation: pretty f-ing slim).  I need to stop trying to “fit in” with “city people” and just be ME, because that is who my friends want to hang out with.  So yeah.  Bare-faced in the city was totally free-ing.

So I’m totally aware that the text of this blog is pretty lame and sparse, BUT I am compensating for that with a fab video that I shot during Chicago trip for Rabbit Write.  In it, Rachel interviews me about why I did No Makeup Week and we make some other stray observations about what this week has meant for us.  Enjoy!


  1. I really wish I had the courage to go a week without make up. I look so different without it and my face looks so red and oily. I feel ugly without it, I have no confidence.

  2. 1. I NEVER KNEW RACHEL RABBIT WAS YOUR COUSIN RACHEL!!!!! The minute I saw her I knew that was her.
    2. I really enjoyed watching your video and hearing your perceptions of no make up week. As a young adult in the 80's it was really hard to scale back on the heavy make up and big hair that was so popular then - take a look at your mom's dental school picture to see what I am talking about - but it is important to follow new trends.
    3. I also enjoyed the comments you make about make up in your family - all of the women in your family have always taken pride in and care of how they look so I understand where you were coming from with that.

  3. Bri-- Doing No Makeup Week was a bit scary for, to be honest. I also felt like I looked really really different without makeup. Your comment made me very sad. It really resonated with me because there have been times in my life when I have looked in the mirror and thought that my naked face was ugly or unappealing. I hope you can trust that you can develop slowly develop the confidence to do anything you want to do. And honestly? Even if you notice flaws of imperfections in your face (we all have them, nobody's perfect), try to remember that everyone else around you is feeling the same way. The might be so caught up in their own insecurities that they won't even notice what you perceive about yourself. Just be you. :-)

    Joan-- Yes! I love that she's all grown up and professional. She's still kind of my idol after all these years.

  4. What a cute video! Good to hear about someone else's successful makeup-free night out - mine was scary but eventually really confidence-boosting and made me realise that without makeup my face can have a different kind of beauty. Well done on your no makeup week successes! I'm rather lonely now it's my last day makeup-free and everyone else has finished! Did you go back to makeup today?

  5. I did go back to makeup for dinner with the fam last night. After I put the makeup on, I thought i looked weird, like now I have to get used to how I look with makeup again. My brain is cuckoobananas.

  6. I was thinking the other night that an interesting next step might be for us ladies to take pics of ourselves on the scale...there seems to be so much shame around admitting how much we weigh. :(