Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Sisterrrrr!

Today is my sister's 22nd birthday and I just wanted to do a photo post to look at our time together and celebrate the fabulous life of Samantha Jane.  I like to think we have had a pretty typical sister-sister relationship.  We were terrific playmates as young children.  We collected Barbies, ran through the sprinkler in our backyard, and were forced into vaguely matching outifts together.  There was a roughly 10-year rift that consisted of pre-teen annoyance and adolescent bickering.  I recall the word "poser" being bandied about quite a bit.  But we were young and immature, so it was to be expected.  In the last five years, my sister has transformed from the younger sibling who annoyed the shit out of me to a best friend who shares more inside jokes with me than should be humanly possible.  (We have inside jokes that are so insular that they can be merely expressed through a facial expression.  Ridic.)  She is beautiful, unique, vibrant, and a whiz with a pair of scissors and a bowl of hair dye.

Sambo, remember today (and every day) that you are loved.

Sam is the on the left and I am on the right.
See the vaguely matching dresses?

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